Benefactors and sponsors

The library's benefactor was D. Engelhardt - a descendant of prince G. O. Potemkin, who donated 1,000 rubles to create an ethnographic literature section and offsite memorials of ethnic antiquities, named for Potemkin.

In 2002, the "Benefactor of the Year" award was implemented.  Since then, the following have been added as benefectors of the library:

  • Beter, Mikola Stepanovich - head of Road Services in Kherson province.
  • Vechernikov, Leonid Pavlovich - head, security services "Leader".
  • Heldfandbain, Leonid Semenovich - director, private enterprise "LT".
  •  Demyohin, Volodimir Anatoliyovich - chairman, provincial council.
  • Dovhan, Petro Vasilovich - head of operations, VAT "Khersonbud".
  • Emeliyanov, Mihailo Andriyovich - bibliophile.
  • Kalchenko, Oleg Mikolayovich - general director TOV, "TF" "timex".
  • Ostroumova, Victoria Volodimirvna - president, Kherson Chamber of Commerce.
  • Sanduk, Oleksander Borisovich - general director, VAT "Khersonbud".
  • Silenkov, Boris Vitaliyovich - head, state provincial administration.
  • Stepanov Valeriy Semenovich - director, Kherson affiliate "Ukrgasbank".
  • Putilov, Andriy Stanislavovich - head, community movement "Kherson's Revival".
  • Pashkov, Mihailo Vasilovich - member, library association (Kiev).
  • Tacker, Dick - chairman of the international foundation "FORCE" (Netherlands).
  • Toloknov, Anatoliy Petrovich - assistant chairman, city council.
  • Shepelev, Igor Oleksandrovich - operations manager, State Treasury of Ukraine in Kherson province.
  • Jacobson, Igor Naumovich - general director TOV "Idea" (Donetsk).


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