• Plans are useless, but planning is indispensable

    22.10.2018 07:57 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    English speaking club was held on 21 October, 2018. The meeting was focused on the Eisenhower Box (or Eisenhower Matrix). Eisenhower had an incredible ability to sustain his productivity not just for weeks or months, but for decades. And for that reason, it is no surprise that his method for ...

  • Information security

    22.10.2018 07:35 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    The Information Security professional club began to work on the basis of the information and resource center “Window to America”. The main task is to provide an opportunity for IT professionals to share their own experiences. We invite practicing IT specialists to attend the sessions on Sundays ...

  • Opportunities for Youth

    16.10.2018 07:23 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Nikita Kotsegub, ambassador of the European youth, the representative of the FLEX exchange program in Kherson region on October 21, 2018 at 12.20 in his presentation will tell about the opportunities that open in front of the Ukrainian youth both in our country and abroad. Also you will have the opportunity ...

  • Grants opportunities

    16.10.2018 06:52 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    On October 11, at 5 pm, in "Window on America" Center was held the meeting with Inna Zdor, Attaché's Assistant of the US Embassy in Ukraine. Theme of presentation: Educational and grant opportunities which are provided by the US Embassy in Ukraine.

  • English for beginners

    11.10.2018 07:48 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Yesterday, 10.10., English courses for beginners reopen at the Window to America Center. There was a new group, a new schedule, a new teacher, a new approach and, as always in English, a lot of new teaching materials. Our students start learning the second language with spoken English.  Everyone ...

  • English Speaking Club

    10.10.2018 09:28 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    What makes an effective President of the USA? The Eisenhower Matrix will be disscused on the 21st of October 2018. Welcome to our Window on America Centre at 11 a.m.

  • The library isn’t only books

    09.10.2018 06:22 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Oles Honchar Kherson regional universal scientific library conducted an excursion for 16 students of Kherson State University on October 8, 2018. Students visited all departments of the library. Visitors tested the 3D pens in Maker Space, and also saw the 3D printer in action from Window on America center.

  • Pink Floyd against education?

    08.10.2018 05:53 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    The meeting of the English Conversation Club was held on October 7, 2018. Visitors discussed the problems of formal and non-formal education, shared their impressions of viewing the video clip of Pink Floyd. Roger Waters, a soloist and bassist at Pink Floyd, graduate from Cambridge, sang the ...


    English for beginners

    04.10.2018 08:31 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

  • Stephen King Press Conference

    01.10.2018 06:50 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    On September 30, in the All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries, the press conference was held with famous US authors: O. Henry, F. Scott Fitzgerald and Stephen King. Well-known writers and their publishers were played by members of the club. Other attendees became journalists, readers and literary critics. In ...


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