• English Grammar Club

    03.10.2019 11:13 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    October 2, at the English Grammar club meeting in Window on America Kherson participants repeated the Present Continuous Tense that was unusual for us. All our guests knew well where and when this time was used. They focused only on its unexpected use to describe what is likely to happen in the future. ...

  • Open Days in «Window on America»

    01.10.2019 11:34 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    «Window on America» center in Kherson took an active part in Open Days, initiated by Oles Honchar Kherson Regional Universal Scientific Library. During these days all services of the center and of Foreign literature department were presented to our visitors. There were excursions, quests, ...

  • I recommend the book

    29.09.2019 15:49 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    The day before All-Ukrainian Day of Libraries, a meeting of the English Speaking Club at Kherson Window on America center was devoted to books, writers and reading. Warming-up activity was «True or False», and during this game club participants learned a lot about American and English ...

  • The future is waiting for us

    26.09.2019 09:58 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    During English Grammar Club meeting at Window on America in Kherson on September 25, participants learned how to express their future intentions in English. In everyday life, Americans and Englishmen have several different ways of talking about their future events, plans, intentions, wishes, and expectations. ...

  • Speaking about Hobbies

    22.09.2019 14:08 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Everyone should have some interests or hobbies, think English Speaking club participants at Window on America in Kherson. Having a hobby that we enjoy brings us joy and enriches our lives. It gives us something fun to do during our leisure time and affords us the opportunity to learn new skills. In groups, ...

  • English Grammar Club

    19.09.2019 10:48 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    On September 18, 2019, the new English Grammar Club had its first meeting in Kherson Window on America Center. You are not supposed to study grammar rules from textbooks. Maria, the club facilitator, explains grammatical subjects and suggests participants the situations to use in live communication. ...

  • Dream Work: in Ukraine or Abroad?

    15.09.2019 14:15 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    On September 15, members of English Speaking Club at Window on America Kherson spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of working abroad. Everyone knows that this is both a good opportunity to earn money, and a chance to visit new cities and countries. However, you should not forget about the traffickers. ...

  • The First Step to Happiness

    09.09.2019 09:01 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

      Socrates believed that the first step to happiness was health. Members of the Speaking Club at Kherson Window on America center strongly agree with this statement and believe that many Ukrainians are worried about their health today. It was interesting to know that the United States spends ...

  • Student Engagement for English Teachers

    04.09.2019 15:33 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Once again we congratulate all teachers and students with the beginning of the new academic year! Traditionally, in early September, Foreign Languages Department and Kherson Window on America Center are visited by English and German teachers. They take advanced training at Kherson Academy of Continuing ...

  • Cycling with our Bike Book Desk

    03.09.2019 15:23 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Window on America center’s new equipment, Bike Book Desk, has its first anniversary today. The Bike Book Desk is an exercise bike where you can read while training because you have a comfortable place for a book or a tablet. The device is accessible to all library users and is located in Window ...


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