• We’ll Be Back

    25.06.2019 10:24 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

      The Terminator first said «I'll be back» in 1984. He was right, several times over, but we can't say we expected him to still be back 35 years later. Turns out, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, and franchise co-creator James Cameron are all returning for Terminator ...


    Intellectual quiz? Okay

    24.06.2019 14:43 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Okay is a town along the east bank of the Verdigris River in Oklahoma, United States. The population was 620 at the 2010 census, but it has been noted for its unusual place name. Okay's history as a community began about 1806, when a French trader named Joseph Bogy established a trading post there. ...

  • Marshmallow + English

    20.06.2019 11:56 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Every student is faced at least once in his life with writing academic papers. Therefore, during their visit to the Center Window on America, the 2nd year students of Kherson State University were presented the electronic resource eLibraryUSA, which can help students and teachers in writing bachelor’s ...

  • Brief. Impressive. Ernest Hemingway

    19.06.2019 06:05 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    In a 1992 letter to Canadian humorist John Robert Colombo, science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke recounts it thus: while lunching with friends at a restaurant, Hemingway bets the table ten dollars each that he can craft an entire story in six words. After the pot is assembled, Hemingway writes «For ...

  • My Fair Lady

    17.06.2019 09:13 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Pygmalion remains Shaw's most popular play. Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright, critic, polemicist and political activist. Young people know this work thanks to the movie My Beautiful Lady (1964). The play was adapted only after the author's death. He had refused to allow a musical adaptation ...

  • What do we know about English-speaking countries?

    13.06.2019 12:03 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Pupils of Kherson School of Humanitarian Work joined Honcharivka’s «Summer in the Library» and visited a chance-quiz «Mad races in English-speaking countries» in the foreign language. The pupils successfully answered to quiz questions at the Australia station, searched for ...

  • Drawing improves English language skills

    13.06.2019 06:15 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    You use your hands every day to do thousands of things, but have you ever wondered why you refer to your fingers by names like "thumb" and "pinky"? A ring is a finger between the middle finger and the little finger, and is so named because in some cultures it is the finger on which ...

  • Our suggestions for Summer Language Camp

    11.06.2019 13:12 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Hot weather does not give you a good rest, does it? Are you bored and you want to do something interesting and useful? Well, come to the foreign language department and the center "Window on America". We have a lot of interesting things, for example, an interactive table and an interactive ...

  • Effective communication

    10.06.2019 13:54 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    We say one thing, the other person hears something else, and misunderstandings, frustration, and conflicts ensue. For many of us, communicating more clearly and effectively requires learning some important skills. A study commissioned in 2008 revealed that employees spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with ...

  • We are what we read

    10.06.2019 13:47 (for.lib.kherson.ua)

    Ray Douglas Bradbury was an American author and screenwriter. It took Bradbury just nine days to write Fahrenheit 451 — and he did it in the basement of the UCLA library on a rented typewriter. The life of foreign writers is fascinating and therefore the literary rebus «Book stories or stories ...


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