From the beginning of its creation, the library has received gifts from city residents as well as from the province and also from other regions.  Among those gifts are fine art creations, antiquated objects, and, of course, books.  Among the gift donors:  poet O.M. Pleshcheyv, famous book publisher C. T. Soldatonkov, academic E. V. Tarlѐ, lover of antiquaties P. O. Burachkov (in 1891, he presented a collection of medals, monies and maps), collector M. E. Emeliyanov (gifted a contemporary edition of "Kobzar" by T. Schevchenko, and a collection of volumes "Blochiana"). This tradition is alive and continues to this day.  Over the last five years (2006-2010) the library received in gifts 7,263 books and several paintings of Kherson artists.  The number of books gifted in 2010 came to 1,488; in 2009 - 1,370.



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