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Official Sites of State Goverment Agencies


"Presidency of the President of Ukraine"

The site is dedicated to the President of Ukraine, contains most current political news, President's hours of work, official documents, speeches, radio addresses, photo album and much more.


"Supreme Rada of Ukraine"

The primary legislative portal contains: Ukrainian legislation, legislation projects, plenary meetings, Deputies' campus, committee pages, information server for the Supreme Rada, directory of television-radio programs, library and Rada's magazine "Viche", a page on interparliamentary relationships and the Ombudsman on Human Rights of the Supreme Rada, and a page on the Accounting Chamber.


"Program Promoting the Parliament of Ukraine" (PPP)

A promotional program of Ukraine's parliament, University of Indiana (PPP) - this is an international project, with USAID [United States Agency for International Development]  as intermediary, which supports the democratic strengthening of the Ukrainian Parliament.  PPP provides technical and consultative assistance for the Supreme Rada of Ukraine with the goal of activating a democratic development in Ukrainian society.


"Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine"

A government portal, that contains all of the information about the work of the Cabinet of Minister, long-term development strategy for Ukraine, database of standard legislative documents, directory, government periodicals, information about the history of governments in Ukraine; there is also an active consultation center, a hot line and much more.


"Supreme Court of Ukraine"

Information server of the Supreme Court of Ukraine.


"Constitutional Court of Ukraine"

Official website of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine.


"Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine"

Official website of the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine.  The Economic Court, as a specialized court, engages in judgements on economic relations.  Their task is to defend and protect, under the principles of supremity of the rights guaranteed by the Ukrainian Constitution  and laws of Ukraine, the rights and legally protected interests of legal economic  relations.


"Central Elections Committee of Ukraine"

Official website of the Central Elections Committee of Ukraine, which defends the realization of and protects the constitutional right of voting of Ukrainian citizens and the right to participate in referendums, the sovereign right of the Ukrainian people for expressing its will.


"Ombudsman of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights"

Official site of the Ukrainian Ombudsman.


"Archives of Ukraine"

Official website of the State Committee of Archives in Ukraine.  Contains a large number of divisions which, one way or another, relate to the Archives. The insert "Archives of Ukraine" represents a full listing of existing archives with addresses, official sites and e-mails.