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Sites of higher education institutions of Ukraine


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Whatever your chose - Ukrainian universities or institutes, academies or affiliates - here you will find the most information about Ukrainian institutions for higher education; lists which ones are open to new registrants in your city.

 Official sites of higher education institutions of Kherson region


National Technical University of Kherson

Fourth level accreditation, government owned; general number of collaborators in 2005 was 1,373 individuals, including pedagogical sciences staff based at the university, 395 of which are academicians with a title; 58% are instructors, excepting doctorates, 11% are professors.  The university has 39 functioning departments, 22 of which are post graduate.


Kherson State University

Fourth level accreditation, government owned; Kherson State University is the largest institution of higher education in the city of Kherson, which prepares candidates in their chosen field of study in 34 specializations. These are teachers in all subjects which are taught in schools, educators in children's institutions, engineering teachers, attorneys, economists, ecologists, translators and others.


Kherson State University of Agriculture

Fourth level accreditation, government owned; Kherson State University of Agriculture is subordinate to the Ministry of agricultural politics in Ukraine.  The university has eight faculties, thirty-two departments, twenty-four affiliated departments on production, and close to 5,100 students.  There are master's, post-graduate and doctorate programs.


Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding, Kherson Affiliate

Fourth level accreditation, government owned; the affiliate has a substantial modern technical foundation:  a learning campus in the center of the city, estimating center and up-to-date computer center, technical laboratories, and a library.


Kherson Economics and Law Institute

Third level accreditation, privately owned; at this time, the institute has two faculties and one correspondence learning department; it has nine departments in which candidates are prepared in six specialties.


Kherson State Maritime Academy

Third level of accreditation, sovereign ownership; Kherson State Maritime Akademy is an exception to the educational branches of Ukraine.  The Academy carries out preparatory programs for candidates in ocean studies and also engages in scientific research work for commercial interests and organizations of river and ocean fleets of Ukraine and their shoreside infrastructures.