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Official sites of Self-governing City Bodies


"Kherson Provincial State Administration"

Official site, the main sections of which are:  provincial passport, provinicial state administration, commercial, transportation and contacts, Real Section, Regulatory activity, Ukraine in the Great War of The Homeland.  There is information about the history, culture, education, medicine, family and youth, sport, tourism, unusual situations and geoinformation system of the province; society and politics, state purchasing, external economic activities, integration of Ukraine in the European Union, energy providers and other items.


"Kherson Provincial Rada"

The official site of Kherson Provincial Rada presents the following sections: іnformation about the provinical rada, documents of the provinical rada, the region's target programs, reception of residents by officials of the provincial rada, product purchasing, jobs and services covered by state funds, access to public information, Internet resources of Kherson province, information for regional and town radas, calendar of events, directory and much more. There is also a consulting forum, hotline, sign-up for news, and information about Kherson province.


"Kherson City Council"

The official site of Kherson City representing the following sections:  city news, City Rada, operations and departments of City Council, database of standard documents and documents for discussions, program of residential construction for Kherson for 2005-2010, community territorial statute, general plan of the city, city budget and much more.  There is also a forum, interactive voting, news archives. Information about Kherson:  attributes of the city, history, map, directory and a photogallery.


The Kherson Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a non-state and non-profit self-governing organization that on a voluntary basis unites companies, enterprises and institutions interested in the development of business activity and setting production and trade ties in the national and foreign markets.



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